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Bricknell Brewery

Bricknell Brewery


Current Beer Range: Saazy Blonde (ABV 3.7%),Larkins Bitter (ABV 4.2%), Anchor Pale Ale (ABV 4.3%), Cascade Pale (ABV 4.4%), Bosphorous 1875 (ABV 5.4%), Double Anchor IPA (ABV 5.6%), Lodona 1862 APA (ABV 5.6%), Cannon Street Porter (ABV 6.4%), Chocolate Porter (ABV 6.4%), Paragon Porter (ABV 6.4%), Stepney Porter (ABV 6.4%), Slavanka 1873 (ABV 7.2%), All are bottle conditioned.

Brewery Liaison Officer: John Rushforth

Bricknell’s range comprises small batch hand crafted highly individual vegan-friendly ales, mainly higher strength and mostly in bottle-condition but also in cask for local beer festivals and regular retail customers. Some hops are grown on site, some sourced locally, and everything is completely hands-on from brewing through hand bottling and labelling to delivery. Around 150 litres, many from 19th-century recipes, are created each week to realise a real ale passion that is rewarded with constant repeat demand from local outlets and a select few further afield.